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Services Provided by Bloodlines

Bloodlines accepts projects ranging from picking up an individual document to researching multiple generations (or multiple branches) of a family.  We can work within a set budget, research only certain types of records, research broadly to find the answer to a particular issue, or any other reasonable option.  From minor document retrieval to full-fledged research, we can accommodate your needs.

Initial Consultation Service

Bloodlines offers a free one-hour initial consultation service.  Tell us what records you've found, and we'll identify potential problems, suggest alternate strategies, and make recommendations for further research.  For full details of this service, see our Consultation page.

Review and Recommend Service

Have you run into a brick wall with your research?  Or do you want a professional to review your work and assess the validity of your conclusions?  Send us copies (not originals, please) of the records you've found and tell us what additional sources you've consulted, and Bloodlines will analyze your conclusions and recommend sources you may have overlooked.  For full details of this service, see our Consultation page.  The fee for this service is $35 per hour.

Flat-Fee Document Retrieval Service

If you have a specific document reference (e.g., to a specific volume and page, or a specific file number), and need someone to pick up a copy of the document from the depository at which the document is located, let Bloodlines be your legs.  The fee for our Document Retrieval Service depends on the project, but usually ranges from $20 to $35, and is payable in full in advance.  Contact us with the details of your project for an estimate and payment instructions.  Please note, if the document reference is incomplete or incorrect, and additional research is required before the document can be retrieved, the flat-fee search will be converted into an hourly research project. 

Research Service

On-site research allows Bloodlines to access original documents -- which is especially useful for documents not available or not readable in digital or microform versions -- and is undertaken when circumstances require it.  Whenever practicable, Bloodlines will use digitized and microform records to minimize Client's costs.  The fee for research in local New York, Philadelphia, and Trenton depositories is $35 per hour, plus expenses; for long-distance (including international) research, the fee is $40 per hour, plus expenses.  (For information on upcoming research trips, click here or contact us to determine if we will be traveling to your area of choice soon).  Projects estimated to take 3 hours or less are payable in full in advance, while larger projects require a retainer of 50% of the estimate.  Long-term projects will be completed in phases, with periodic reports and payments.  Contact us with the details of your project for an estimate and payment instructions.

Results of Our Services

Bloodlines cannot guarantee results, as our ability to find the information you seek is dependent on what records are available, how accurate your information is, and how much time you authorize us to spend on the research.  Upon completion of our Document Retrieval Service, you will receive a copy or transcription of the document, depending on your preferences and the conditions imposed by the repository, with a description of the research performed.  With our Research Service, you will receive a final report analyzing the results of the research, answering specific questions you posed, offering suggestions for further research, detailing what sources were consulted (including those consulted unprofitably), and containing copies or transcripts of all relevant primary documents.  With this information, you can readily pursue further research, whether or not it is with the help of Bloodlines -- though, naturally, we hope that you will be so satisfied that you will not hesitate to hire us for the next phase of your research!


To keep our costs low, so that we can pass the savings on to you, we do not accept credit card or online payments; all payments are to be made by personal check or money order, in U.S. funds.  (Contact us about payment in British Pounds (Sterling) or Euro).  Work on your project will start once the funds have cleared our bank and any paperwork you are providing has been received.

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